Common Ground Breakfast Subscription

Common Ground, Strath Union

Strathclyde Students’ Union



Fuel yourself up with a healthy breakfast and hot drink every morning before classes with the Common Ground Breakfast Subscription! Choose from cereal, toast or porridge. All orders also include a filter coffee/tea and piece of fruit.  

  • Each card costs £50 and is valid for 30 consecutive days from date of purchase
  • You can purchase your subscription in person from Common Ground on level 1 of the Union, or from the Welcome Hub at Halls running over arrivals weekend
  • Available to both Strathclyde staff and students
  • Your first purchase includes one reusable cup
  • Strath ID to be presented with each transaction
  • This card is not transferable and drinks must be for the subscriber’s consumption only. Any breach of this rule will result in your subscription card being withdrawn and no refund will be made.
  • You must use a reusable cup for your drink 
  • All milk alternatives included, no extra charge
  • Monthly purchase is non-refundable and will expire 30 days from date of purchase.
  • You can use your Subscription Card at Common Ground only. Please note, the opening hours at Common Ground are 8-2, Monday to Friday
  • If buying online you can only pick up the card from Common Ground
  • Please note that we only take card payments